Standard Digital Mastering

$20.00 USD

Mastering is the final step in the music production process, and it has a significant impact on the overall sound and quality of a song. When a song is mastered, it is equalized, balanced, and polished to make it sound as professional and polished as possible. Here are some benefits of mastering a song:

  1. Improved sound quality: Mastering can enhance the overall sound of a song by balancing the levels of the different instruments, improving the clarity and definition of the vocals, and increasing the overall volume and fullness of the track.
  2. Enhanced dynamic range: Mastering helps to improve the dynamic range of a song, making it sound more dynamic and lively. This can be especially important for songs that are meant to be played on loudspeakers or in a live setting.
  3. Increased loudness: One of the most common reasons for mastering a song is to increase its overall loudness. By carefully adjusting the levels of the different elements in a song, I will make the track sound louder and more impactful without sacrificing quality or introducing distortion.
  4. Improved consistency: If you have multiple songs that you want to release as an album or EP, mastering will ensure that they all have a consistent sound and level of loudness. This can be especially important if you want your tracks to sound cohesive when played back to back.

Overall, mastering can greatly improve the sound and quality of a song, making it more competitive and professional. Whether you are a musician, producer, or record label, mastering can be an essential step in the music production process.

Standard Digital Music Mastering Delivery

  • Adjust the overall volume and dynamic range of the track
  • Enhance the clarity and definition of the mix
  • Adjust the stereo field and stereo imaging
  • Adjust the tonal balance and EQ of the track
  • Add slight reverb, if needed
  • Ensure that the track meets industry standards for loudness and level
  • Ensure that the track is properly formatted for distribution
  • Add metadata such as track titles and artist information
  • Provide high-resolution audio files for digital distribution
  • Personalized Mastering to your genre and song
  • Never use automated software or presets. All mastering is done by me.

What I need

  • Export a high-quality format: WAV or AIFF.
  • Export at the highest bit depth and sample rate. A bit depth of 24 bits and a sample rate of at least 44.1 kHz are generally recommended.
  • Leave some headroom in your mix by bringing down the overall volume of the track before exporting. This will give me some room to work with and avoid clipping or oversaturation.
  • Normalize the mix if possible. This will ensure that the overall volume of the track is at a consistent level and avoid any loudness inconsistencies between tracks.
  • Label the file correctly: It's important to label your exported file correctly, including the song title, artist name, and version number. This will help me keep track of the different versions of the mix.
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