From Struggling Freelancer to Thriving Entrepreneur: How Fiverr Changed My Life Changed My Life! is a freelancing platform that connects businesses and individuals with freelancers who offer a variety of services, such as graphic design, writing, and marketing. The platform is named after the initial price point for most services offered on the site, which was $5. However, prices have since increased and now start at $5 but can go up significantly depending on the nature and complexity of the service being offered.

One of the main benefits of using Fiverr is the convenience of being able to find and hire skilled freelancers quickly and easily. The platform offers a wide range of services, and freelancers are able to set their own rates and work on their own schedules.

Another advantage of Fiverr is that it provides a level of security for both buyers and sellers. The platform has a review system in place that allows users to rate and review the services they have received, which helps to ensure that the freelancers on the site are reliable and trustworthy. has really changed my life. I created an account on Fiverr under the name Michael7878 in June 2010 while I was wrapping up my sound and music recording program at Recording Arts Canada in Toronto. It was a way for me to apply what I had learned at a great school. I got so much experience and wasn't even realizing what I was building. I loved working with different artists and it gave me a way to make supplemental income. I was looking for work and got to do some traveling right after graduating. I ended up moving to California where I ended up settling down and getting married.

Today, I consistently busy on Fiverr. I get orders daily and I love doing what I do. I help artists get their music ready for release. I am a musician myself and know how exciting it is to get to that final step! I am proud to have over 4000 positive reviews with a featured gig :) The freedom Fiverr gives you is really special and if you are just getting on here or have been for a while, the best advice I can give you is to be consistent and treat your clients well. I am happy to be a level 2 seller and extremely excited to reach top rated seller!

A little bit about me: My name is Michael and I'm an audio engineer and singer/songwriter. I studied sound engineering in Toronto. My credits include audio mixing and mastering for feature films, documentaries, and commercials. My music has also earned me the “#1 Most Viewed Musician in Canada” on YouTube!

You can find me on Fiverr by searching "Fiverr Michael7878" or by clicking on the link below!

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